AlMaarefa University (UM) is a private establishment of higher education, designed to fulfill a recognized public function, by meeting clearly identified needs in important domains for national development. By adopting an innovative approach to teaching and learning, by making intensive use of cutting-edge educational technologies, UM attracts students from a broadly targeted clientele, namely high school graduates (both male and female) from the Riyadh region, from other regions of Saudi Arabia, and from the GCC states.

This purchasing policy aims to establish clear and consistent guidelines for all purchases made by AlMaarefa University. Recognizing our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, this policy will also include sustainability considerations to ensure that our purchases are socially and environmentally responsible.


Our purchasing policy is guided by the following objectives:

  1. Ensure the acquisition of quality goods and services that meet the university's needs.

  1. Foster fair and transparent competition among suppliers.

  1. Integrate sustainability considerations into the procurement process to reduce environmental impact and promote socially responsible practices.

  1. Ensure the efficient and responsible use of the university's financial resources.

Procurement Procedure

  1. Needs Identification: Different departments and units of AlMaarefa University will identify the needs for goods and services according to their operational requirements.

  1. Request for Quotations: Quotations will be requested from multiple suppliers to promote competition and obtain the best options in terms of price, quality, and sustainability.

  1. Supplier Evaluation: When evaluating the received quotations, factors such as product or service quality, technical compliance, and supplier sustainability practices will be considered.

  1. Decision Making: The choice of supplier will be made objectively, taking into account both technical aspects and sustainability considerations.

  1. Contracting and Monitoring: Contracts will be formalized with selected suppliers, and continuous monitoring will ensure service satisfaction and compliance with agreed terms.

Sustainability Considerations

Environmental Responsibility

Preference will be given to suppliers demonstrating environmentally responsible practices, such as adopting environmental management certifications, reducing emissions, and efficient resource use.

Social Responsibility

Procurement will promote the hiring of suppliers that respect labor rights and foster a safe and equitable working environment.

Sustainable Products

Priority will be given to purchasing products and materials with eco-labels, recyclability, sustainable sourcing, or minimal environmental impact.


The acquisition of goods and services from local suppliers will be encouraged whenever they meet the required criteria of quality and competitiveness, in order to contribute to the reduction of CO2 in transport.


This purchasing policy of AlMaarefa University aims not only to ensure efficient and effective acquisition of goods and services but also to integrate sustainability considerations throughout the process. Through these practices, we are committed to promoting a conscious and responsible approach to the environment and society, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future