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Community responsibility center [1] 3
Mission: 3
Strategic Goals:  3
Almaarefa University and the Abdul Moneim Al-Rashed humanitarian foundation sign a contract for educational and community services 3
Swiss delegation from UniRef Refugee University 3
Low Income student support 4
Graduation Goals of UM..  4
Graduation Unit  4
Launch Food Pantries to Help Low-Income Students 4
Health Unit Care Services. 5
Health Unit Care Services 5
Health Unit Care Services 5
Access to students and staff for mental health support  5
Workshop on how to achieve psychological and behavioral stability 5
The effectiveness of mental illness stigma at Sahara Center. 6
Academic Phobia Initiative. 6
Mental Health Services: 7
UM Mental Group Care. 7
The Continuing Professional and Personal Development Unit  7
Conference "Mental health in the work environment" 7
Psychological First Aid (PFA)  7
Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Services. 8
Almaarefa University Student Counselling 8
UM Access to contraceptives and family planning 8
Almaarefa University Maternal Health Care 8
Campaign on Gynecological Cancer 8
Charged Access 8
UM Tests to detect STDs 8
The efficacy of preventing AIDS 8
Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Courses. 9
The launch of the healthy marriage campaign 9
MOH Publications: 10
AIDS Incidence Rate Decreased in the Kingdom..  10
Premarital Screening. 12
Healthy Marriage:  12
Premarital Screening:  12
Objectives of Premarital Screening Program:  12
The Program Services:  12
References. 14

Community responsibility center [1]

A university has three main missions; these missions are represented in education, research and the community service. In Al Maarefa University the above mentioned missions are combined in one center; that is, the Social Service Center. The Center aims at the investment in knowledge and scientific research to be presented to the community as it is a duty and an obligation towards it.   

The Center schedules annually culture, health and social events, and makes plans for the participation of the community in these events that involve education, awareness, training and research activities. What makes such participations unique is that they are emerged within the community, and here lies the philosophy of social service that the university adopts. Since our ambition is global, every year the university adopts some of the United Nations’ goals for sustainable development and develops programs that aim to the well-being of the community.

Our service does not seize with the end of the event. On the contrary, our service is sustainable that reflects a positive behavior in the community.


Planting the community awareness in the employees of the university as a promotion of a cultural practice, sponsoring community initiatives, and community partnerships.

Strategic Goals:

  • Utilization of knowledge for public interest.
  • Participation in achieving the kingdom’s vision 2030 in the field of voluntary community service.
  • Increase the awareness of community responsibility among the university’s employees.
  • Enhance active community participation to achieve the United Nations sustainable development goals.
  • Empower and support the community responsibility among the university employees.

Almaarefa University and the Abdul Moneim Al-Rashed humanitarian foundation sign a contract for educational and community services

With the purpose of contributing to the eradication of poverty Almaarefa University and the Abdul Moneim Al-Rashed humanitarian foundation sign a contract for educational and community services which will be aimed at vulnerable people with few economic resources in the country of Saudi Arabia to supply them with food, education and health [2].

Swiss delegation from UniRef Refugee University

UM received a swiss delegation from UniRef Refugee University (interested in teaching refugee students around the world), where the General Supervisor, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Mulhim, meeting with the President of the University: Evelyn Wood, in the presence of a number of university employees. They discussed ways of cooperation between the two universities to provide humanitarian services, food, education, health to refugees around the world [3] .

Low Income student support

UM supports the students from low-income families to complete their studies, through different subsidize schemes. For example, UM has contract with a third party to provide low price menu food for student. UM have a contract with "qawafal alrushd" company to provide student with special discount for transportation, for the same purpose UM also has an agreement with Uber and Kareem companies. Al Maarefa University appointed "Alnadhir" law firm to assist the university staff and student including the low income [4].

  • UM provides financial aid to local and international students to facilitate their study as well as other compensations related to food, transformation, accommodation, health and others [4].

  • UM provides the students with financial support to help them start their businesses, through baying survives from them as a start-up financial assistance [4].

Graduation Goals of UM

Graduation Unit

This unit created by the University which is made up of graduate students has the purpose that those students who are pursuing their academic careers obtain solutions that are provided by the mentioned unit, the graduates of the University know well the resources that are needed so that the students with economic difficulties can have benefit academic days and thus graduate without problems. This unit provides financial, transportation, food, housing and psychological support for students if needed [5].

To increase the percentage of graduate students in higher education in SUMdi Arabia, the University has developed the Graduates Unit and Graduation Goals for all students who fall into the bottom 20% of household income group, in this way the University has the expectation that the 100% of its students in this condition graduate [6].

  • Provide the student community in a situation of vulnerability or low economic resources with scholarships with the purpose that those students in the aforementioned situation can access higher education and subsequently graduate [6].

  • Provide low-income students with the necessary tools in academic sessions to ensure that they can perform their academic tasks optimally, whether it is transportation, food or housing [6].

  • Give the most experienced knowledge in all learning areas of the University through quality teachers that allow students to develop skills for a specific professional field [6].

Launch Food Pantries to Help Low-Income Students

For the benefit of students with low economic income, the University together with the cafeterias has established a Launch Food Pantries to Help Low-Income Students as of January 01, 2022 the program will be implemented. The pantries receive all kinds of food, students, teachers and staff can donate, the university donates food each month to these pantries for these students and thus contribute to having energy for the academic days [7].

Health Unit Care Services

This unit was created to provide health services to students who require medical attention, whether the situation arises outside or inside the university, each UM student has the right to attend this medical service to be checked in case of be required. The unit is located in the College of Medicine, the unit is responsible for providing basic medical first aid services, as well as referral to other health professionals if necessary. The university has in the unit teachers specialized in health fields who in turn act as medical specialists who are fully prepared to deal with any health issue that may arise [8].

Access to students and staff for mental health support

Health for Almaarefa University is essential for its students. In this sense, the university offers its students physical and mental health services within its facilities to students who require it, this with the purpose of keeping its academic community in good physical condition. and mind. UM is prepared for any health emergency that may arise during academic hours [9].

Student Health Clinic is Responsible for all health-related matters concern university community.  Here you can find a range of information and resources to help you keep yourself healthy while at university. From common mental health issues and support contacts, to mindfulness and general health tips. These pages are designed to help you support yourself and others. 

 Services such as   Counseling & Psychological Services are offered free of charge. Workshops for Students and faculty are conducted on regular basis to educate them about health care serves available at the UM. 

  Here you can find a range of information and resources to help you keep yourself healthy while at university. From common mental health issues and support contacts, to mindfulness and general health tips, there is a clinic which offers Psychological counseling to students and faculty for fee – for – free services.  

UM's Psychiatrist and Psychologist are available to help students and faculty at any given time.  

 Workshop on how to achieve psychological and behavioral stability  [10]

 The Student Affairs Department, represented by the Student Counseling Unit, represented by Professor Muhammad Saad Al-Zeer, and in cooperation with the General Preparation Department represented by Dr. Hassan Naamna, on Thursday 3/9/2017 in the faculties' lobby, an educational workshop aimed at achieving psychological and behavioral stability for the student by removing the psychological barrier between the student And a social guide.

It also aims to educate college students about the importance of counseling, both social and academic, and the need to take advantage of the many and varied sources of support in colleges, in a way that positively contributes to achieving the academic success and progress of students. Students are also introduced to their academic advisors and academic advising offices. The event attracted a number of students who expressed their admiration for this initiative, which integrates students in a healthy way in their surroundings within the colleges. 

The effectiveness of mental illness stigma at Sahara Center 11

The Student Affairs Department, in cooperation with students of the College of Medicine and Surgery, and under the direct supervision of His Excellency Dr. Khaldoun Marwa, Head of the Clinical Medical Sciences Department, organized an awareness event on the stigma of mental illness and symptoms of mental disorders last Thursday 11/2/2017 at Sahara Commercial Center. 

The event aims to deliver a message to the community that a psychiatric patient, like any organic disease, must be treated and there is no embarrassment to be a psychiatric patient, and to emphasize that mental illnesses are largely amenable to complete treatment if the correct and timely help is obtained and the need not to ignore the accompanying symptoms That may accompany the sick individual with any illness or mental disorder. 

The event included introducing mental illnesses through explanations from medical students and distributing pamphlets that dealt with common psychological symptoms such as delirium, depression, and anxiety, as well as introducing obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the most important steps that a person with these mental disorders should take for treatment. 

Academic Phobia Initiative 


The University of Knowledge, in cooperation with the Charitable Society for the Care of Orphans in the Riyadh Region, launched the "Academic Phobia" initiative on Wednesday 11/12/2019 in the Great Hall of Diriyah, and several topics were presented, the most important of which are university life and its requirements, which were presented by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Zamil, Dean of Admission, Registration and Student Affairs. As well as the academic difficulties of preparatory year students and how to overcome them. Prof. Dr. Abdel Moneim Mardi, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the university dealt with them. Dr. Hassan al-Naamna dealt with the definition and forms of the concept of academic phobia, its symptoms and treatment mechanisms. The university was keen to share the discussion from one of its students. Passing the preparatory year and skipping the transition from high school to university level. 

Such hosting stems from the university’s role in strengthening cooperation ties between it and charitable societies in particular, and for its effective role in providing community service. 

Mental Health Services:

Almaarefa University - Psychology Unit

This unit emphasizes dealing with problems regarding psychology that affect the personal integrity of university students and staff. This unit has experts in psychology who provide solutions to educational, social and psychological problems that are in the student's and staff environment, the function of the unit is to guarantee mental health and well-being so that students and staff have an optimal academic experience [13].

UM Mental Group Care

The university offers a service of psychotherapy by psychology for patients with depression, group care for university students, group therapy for psychiatric patients through art. Group attention for fathers and mothers belonging to the children's university. Follow-up of patients with suicide attempt [14]

The Continuing Professional and Personal Development Unit

With the purpose of providing the students and staff of the university with academic and social services, UM created The Continuing Professional and Personal Development Unit, which has the function of providing all the necessary support to the staff of the university, both students and staff, to have professional development, optimal academic in the daily educational sessions [15].

Conference "Mental health in the work environment"


Almaarefa University organized a conference for the mental health of university employees, under the direction of Dr. Khaldoum, they talked about how to deal with the tension and stress of work in an appropriate way and how to release pressure [16].

Psychological First Aid (PFA)


Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an evidence-informed modular approach to help children, adolescents, adults, and families in the immediate aftermath of disaster and terrorism. Individuals affected by a disaster or traumatic incident, whether survivors, witnesses, or responders to such events, may struggle with or face new challenges following the event.

In this course?

  • Understand the basics of psychological first aid?
  • find yourself helping people in times of distress?
  • improve your listening skills?

You can make a difference to the well-being of people through how you interact and communicate during a crisis response, even if the interaction is only brief. The information in this course can be used to support anyone during a crisis situation or day to day stressors.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Services

The sexual health of the students for the University of Almaarefa is fundamental for the well-being of the human being. In this sense, the university offers its Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Service that is taught in all the health sciences faculties of the UM, where the objective of these courses is to raise awareness about sexual and reproductive health care to educate mothers about their reproductive system. The service is located at the Health Unit Care Services [17].

Almaarefa University Student Counselling

This unit has professionals in the field of sexual orientation who are available on weekdays during normal hours to serve students who feel the need to receive sexual orientation, this unit assures students of the confidentiality of the cases reported and is committed to to help solve the doubts of the students about this topic [18].

Almaarefa University Maternal Health Care

The university offers a health service for student mothers of the university in which periodic reviews of the pregnancy process, general health and possible complications are carried out in a certain case, this service for student mothers who are part of the university is free of charged [20].

Campaign on Gynecological Cancer

With the purpose of caring for women's sexual health, Almaarefa Medical University students participated in organizing an awareness campaign on gynecological cancer in collaboration with the Saudi Arabian standing committee on reproductive health, including HIV /AIDS (SCORA) and the Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) in association with Globe-athon [21].


The efficacy of preventing AIDS


The Student Affairs Department, represented by the Student Activities Department, organized Thursday, February 23, 2017, in cooperation with the Saudi AIDS Society, a health education campaign to raise awareness of AIDS.

The campaign, which lasted for one day, aims to raise health awareness among college staff about this disease, introduce the World AIDS Day, and educate health about the disease, its causes, methods of transmission and prevention.

The campaign included a special corner for the Saudi AIDS Society, in which brochures and brochures were distributed and inquiries were answered.

This event witnessed a remarkable turnout by college students who thanked the organizers for shedding light on this disease.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Courses


People are diverse and so too are their sexual and Reproductive health needs. They may require information and access to gynecology services, pregnancy testing and counselling services. UM respects young person's privacy, confidentiality and obtain informed consent for any event related to sexual and reproductive health care services. Services a tailored to the specific needs of young women and girls under strict confidentiality.  

 Services is taught in all UM schools of health sciences. 

Some of the courses include:  


The objective of these courses is to five awareness of sexual reproductive health care services available to the community. To educate mouthers about their reproductive system and family planning programs available in the community. To enhance the use of maternal and child health services. 

The launch of the healthy marriage campaign 


  The Social Responsibility Unit at Al Maarefa University hosted the launch of an awareness campaign for "healthy marriage" organized by both Riyadh Health and King Fahd Medical City, which was held on Thursday, February 21 , 2019  . The dashin started with a welcoming speech from Dr. Nasser Al-Jarallah, Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, in which he welcomed the attendees of brothers and sisters, and his Excellency also noted the importance of health awareness and educational campaigns. For his part, Dr. Iyad Damiati, Consultant Family Medicine at King Fahd Medical City, stated that a healthy marriage represents a state of harmony and harmony between the spouses in terms of health, psychological, physical, social and legal aspects, with the aim of forming a healthy family and producing healthy children to form a healthy community building block. 

Dr. Maysoon Al-Badawi also mentioned that it is advised for those who are about to marry to undergo a medical examination before the date of marriage for a period of not less than three months, so that the spouses can better plan their lives, as the validity of the healthy marriage certificate lasts for six months, and infectious diseases can only be re-examined when re-examination is needed. one more time. 

At the end of the inauguration, Dr. Nasser Al-Jarallah honored the lecturers and those in charge of this health program, and thanked the attendees of Al-Maarifa University for hosting, as this hosting came out of the university’s constant keenness to continue and support community and knowledge participations in the service of the country and the citizen.  

  At the end of the inauguration, Dr. Nasser Al-Jarallah honored the lecturers and those in charge of this health program, and thanked the attendees of Al-Maarifa University for hosting, as this hosting came out of the university’s constant keenness to continue and support community and knowledge participations in the service of the country and the citizen.  

MOH Publications:

AIDS Incidence Rate Decreased in the Kingdom


There is a notable decrease in detected cases of AIDS among Saudis by 6.1% compared to the detected cases in 2011; and by 1.8% compared to 2010. A report issued by the Ministry of Health's Media and Health Awareness Information Center indicated that from 1984 to 2012, the total number of detected cases of AIDS has reached 18,762; 5.348 cases of whom were Saudis while 13,414 were non-Saudis. In addition, in 2012, 1,233 new cases of AIDS were detected; 431 of whom were Saudis while 802 were non-Saudis.

 This came in a report issued on the advent of World AIDS Day, which is held under the theme: “HIV treatment works! Treat More, Treat Better”. The World AIDS Day is celebrated each year on the 1st of December, with a view to encouraging people all over the world to promote awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as well as stimulating international cooperation to combat this hazardous disease.

 The report discussed also HIV/AIDS transmission methods in 2012, highlighting that most prominent methods include the forbidden sexual intercourse by 96% (414 cases out of 431), the injection drug abuse by 2.5 % (11 cases), and then Mother-to-fetus infection by 1.5% (6 cases). Jeddah Province still compromises the highest number of new cases with AIDS recording 39% of Saudis, and 45% of non-Saudis.

 The report demonstrated that HIV/AIDS is transmitted through blood or body fluids (semen, and vaginal discharge); noting that it is transmitted during sex from the infected person to the uninfected person, whether it is vaginal, anal or oral sexual intercourse. Also, it can be transmitted through blood, in case of not following the accurate laboratory screening methods, or through sharing infected injections; especially between drug addicts. The infection is transmitted also from the mother to her fetus if proper medication was not provided to her during pregnancy. In addition, the virus is transmitted from the mother to her baby during breastfeeding; therefore, an infected mother must not breastfeed her baby.

The report manifested that although HIV might exist in other body liquids such as saliva, sweat, tears, and urine, it is actually not transmitted through such liquids or through hugging, kissing, shaking hands, sneezing, coughing, bathtubs or swimming pools, nor by using toilets or towels, or eating with or sharing utensils with an infected person or through insects.

The report pointed out that up until now, there's no cure for HIV/AIDS or a vaccine to prevent HIV infection, but a variety of drugs can be used in combination to control the virus and delay the course of the disease. Still, prevention is the only defensive way against AIDS. This can be achieved through strengthening religious morals, avoiding forbidden sexual relations, using a condom if either partner is infected, and avoiding using syringes, needles, sharp tools or razors.

 In the same context, the Director of the Media and Health Awareness Information Center, Dr. Amal bin Muawiya Abul-Jadayel, stated that on Sunday 1/12/2013 (corresponding to 28/1/1435H), the Center will host the Infectious Diseases Consultants Dr. Ahmad Al-Hakoy from 10 a.m. till 12 p.m.; and Dr. Abdullah Al-Hogail from 1 p.m. till 3 p.m.

 Moreover, on Monday 2/12/2013 (corresponding to 29/1/1435H), the Center will host the Supervisor-General of AIDS Combat Program at the Ministry of Health (MOH), Dr. Sanaa Flimban, from 1 p.m. till 3 p.m. on the toll free number 80024949444, specified by MOH to answer any inquiries about any health or drug problems, and to provide information for the patients and the healthy people equally.

 Dr. Flimban pointed out that the medical team at the Center is fully prepared to answer any inquiries or concerns about AIDS or other diseases all week days, during working hours, stressing that there is an integral team to answer questions and health problems sent to the MOH official account on Twitter @SAUDIMOH. She stated that booklets and posters have been prepared about AIDS to be distributed to all health affairs directorates around the Kingdom to benefit from them while celebrating the World AIDS Day.

 It is worth mentioning that the Kingdom is considered one of the low-HIV-prevalence countries with a rate of 2 cases per 10000. The MOH's National Program to Combat AIDS follows up AIDS cases and makes every effort in the preparation of curative and awareness programs, with a view to controlling and combating the spread of the disease. This is to be carried out through a number of programs, including the AIDS Detection Program and Early Treatment at specialized centers, and the Sexually Transmitted Infection Control Program at primary healthcare centers and hospitals to protect infected people from AIDS. That's to be added to the AIDS Health Awareness Program meant to follow up those in contact with patients to ensure infection has not been transmitted to them. There are also fixed and mobile clinics for AIDS-related consultancy and voluntary screening, in addition to expanding surveillance programs to detect emerging infections, and carrying out the epidemiological researches that have to do with AIDS transmission among vulnerable people, besides developing programs for the prevention of infection transmission from mother to fetus, and the prevention of transmission through contaminated needles.


Premarital Screening



Marriage is the fundamental building block of society, and the cornerstone in building emotional, healthy and family relationships. The healthy marriage guarantees preventing the family members from the hereditary and infectious diseases; thus building a happy and stable family.

Healthy Marriage:

Healthy marriage is defined as state of agreement and harmony between the marriage partners with regard to the healthy, psychological, sexual, social, and legislative aspects, aiming at making a sound family and begetting healthy children.

Premarital Screening:

Premarital screening is defined as testing couples who are planning to get married soon for common genetic blood disorders (e.g. sickle cell anemia and thalassemia and sickle cell anemia) and infectious diseases (e.g. hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS). The premarital screening aims to give medical consultation on the odds of transmitting the abovementioned diseases to the other partner/spouse or children and to provide partners/spouses with options that help them plan for healthy family.

Objectives of Premarital Screening Program:

  • Limiting the spread of some genetic blood diseases (e.g. sickle-cell anemia and thalassemia) and infectious diseases (e.g. hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS).
  • Promoting awareness about the concept of the comprehensive healthy marriage.
  • Reducing pressure over health institutions and blood banks.
  • Avoiding the social and psychological problems for families whose children suffer.
  • Reducing the family and community’s financial burdens of treating the injured persons.

Hence, those couple, who are planning to get married soon, are advised to conduct the premarital screening at least three months before the marriage date; so that the couple can plan their lives better, as the premarital compatibility certificates is valid for only six months. The screening for infectious diseases can also be reconducted when needed.

The Program Services:

The Premarital Screening Program provides all citizens with many services, including lab tests and medical consultation sessions at more than 131 healthcare centers across the Kingdom. The couples, who are planning to get married, are received together or separately without any prior appointments.

If one of the two couples is from outside the Kingdom, the following steps should be met:

  1. Ensuring that all screening tests for such diseases covered by the program (thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS) are performed.
  2. Ensuring that all personal information of that couple is clear.
  3. The medical center should be accredited, and all screening results should be attested by the Saudi Embassy.




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