What is Moodle?

It is an open source learning management system designed to support educational process. Moodle used in more than 235 countries with the number of users reached 72 million.

It allows the faculty members to manage their course online. Instructors can share the course materials with their students and can communicate with students and faculty members at any time.  Moodle provides the tools to help instructors to assess the students.

How to Access Moodle Site?

For Students and Faculty Members and Part time Faculty members

 Contact the admin by sending email to [email protected]  or call ext.#3491

I don't have access to one of my courses in Moodle.

is this course added to your courses in portal?

if not make sure to ask the responsible in your college /department to add it to you in order to have access to its page in Moodle

Activity assigned for certain group (section) does not appear for some students in that group (section)

Make sure that the student is added to that Group (section), follow the steps:

  1. from Administration Block > Course Administration>Users> Enrolled users
  2. In the search box, type the academic number of the student & click Enter
  3. Student's information will be displayed, including the groups that the student is enrolled to. If the student is not enrolled to that group, then you must add him/her


To Add Student to the Group

  1. From Administration Block> under Course Administration> click UsersGroups
  2. Click on the group number (section) on the left> the names of the members of that group will appear on the Right
  3. Under "Members of" list> Click on the button "Add \ Remove user"
  4. In the search box, under list of potential members> enter the student's academic number > then press Enter
  5. Student information will appear in the list of potential members>click on it > then press the "Add" button to add the student in the group.

If the problem persist, please contact the admin  [email protected]

How To upload lecture's files?

Method #1

  1. Log in to Moodle, and then select the course.
  2. Enable editing mode in your course page by pressing Turn Editing on button.
  3. Drag and drop the file into the required Week or Topic section.

Method #2

  1. Log in to Moodle, and then select the course.
  2. Enable editing mode in your course page by pressing Turn Editing on button.
  3. Within the required Week or Topic section click Add Activity or Resource link.
  4. In the “add an activity or resource window” scroll down to Resource option and select file then click add.
  5. Fill the settings and upload the file, then click save.

How to change the start date of the course ?

 Administration Block > course administration > Edit Settings > General > Update course start Date

Who is responsible to upload lecture to course page in Moodle?

Course coordinator is responsible for uploading the course materials, however all the course teachers have all the capabilities to manage the course page in Moodle

How to add more weeks (sections) to Moodle course page?

  1. Log in to Moodle, and select the course you want to change weeks
  2. In the Administration Block, select Edit settings from course administration menu
  3. In Edit course settings page, scroll down to course format settings and click it to expand it.
  4. Edit the Number of Sections, and click save

Forgotten Moodle password

  1. Visit Moodle page by typing the following URL  http://lms.mcst.edu.sa/
  2. Click "lost password?" button on the Moodle login block. 
  3. On this page, enter the username or the email address to recover the login information that is needed and click "Search".Please note that all students and instructors registered in Moodle by the official email of AlMa'arefa Colleges.
  4. In the Confirmation page, click Continue.
  5. Next there will be an email sent called "Password reset request sent to your official email. Click the link that resets the password for the login. 
  6. In new page enter the new password.