AlMaarefa University (UM) is a private establishment of higher education, designed to fulfill a recognized public function, by meeting clearly identified needs in important domains for national development. By adopting an innovative approach to teaching and learning, by making intensive use of cutting-edge educational technologies, UM attracts students from a broadly targeted clientele, namely high school graduates (both male and female) from the Riyadh region, from other regions of Saudi Arabia, and from the GCC states.

This investment policy establishes guidelines for the management of investments at AlMaarefa University. Our investment approach is non-profit, focusing on improving the university and promoting research for the benefit of the academic community and society as a whole. Additionally, this policy incorporates sustainability considerations to ensure our investments are socially and environmentally responsible.


Our investment policy has the following objectives:

  1. Maximize the financial performance of investments to finance initiatives and projects that enhance the university.

  1. Support and promote research and academic development within AlMaarefa University.

  1. Ensure investments are aligned with the university's mission and values.

  1. Integrate sustainability considerations into the investment decision-making process.

Investment Approach


Our investment approach is non-profit, meaning that any financial returns generated will be reinvested in initiatives and projects that directly benefit the university and its community.

University Improvement

We prioritize investments that contribute to the growth and enhancement of infrastructure, technology, services, and academic resources at AlMaarefa University.

Research and Academic Development

We support research and academic development