Supervising and following up on scientific research activities related to the specific area of research for which it was established. The University establishes Research Chairs to enrich the institutional research environment, acknowledge the Chairholder as an expert in their area of research, and bring prestige to the University.


  1. Research Chairs shall build on existing strengths or enhance emerging areas of strategic importance.
  2. They shall provide an enhanced training environment for students and staff by exposing them to essential research challenges and opportunities.
  3. They should play a role in creating and mobilizing knowledge through research excellence.
  4. They should be committed to ensuring the highest research standards in the community.
  5. They should develop the research design and execute them in accordance with the research priorities outlined in the research plan of the University.
  6. Research chairs should mobilize their resources for the timely completion of research projects with publications of the outcomes in reputed journals.