1. Each candidate is eligible to apply for only one research project as a principal investigator during one academic year.
  2. A candidate is not eligible to be included as a researcher in more than three research projects (including one in which he/she is the principal investigator).
  3. The research approved for this grant is not eligible for article publication charges, publication awards, or any research contract within the university.
  4. The principal author (first author) should be from AlMaarefa University in the publication emanating from the funded research project.
  5. Minimum of one research article should be published from the research project in the journals classified within the Web of Science Core Collection, including Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-Expanded), Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), and Arts and Humanities Citation Index (AHCI). The JCR Quartile of the publication should be between Q1 to Q3. However, proposals that guarantee that the project will produce more publications (both qualitatively and quantitatively) will be given priority in the approval.
  6. Research proposals with a similarity percentage exceeding 30% are not accepted.
  7. Research projects funded by the university should help build the research infrastructure. Therefore, efforts should be made to conduct research funded by the university to be carried out within the university.
  8. The project’s duration should not be more than one year from the proposal’s acceptance date. A final report should carry published article/s. The final installment of the project shall be disbursed after submitting the published article. A duration of six months is considered for the conduct of research, during which researchers are entitled to a monthly salary.
  9. The researcher can extend the duration of the research by applying to the Deanship of Research at least thirty (30) days before the project completion date with the following:
    • A justification for the additional time required to complete the project, explaining what has been accomplished to the date of submitting the extension request.
    • Steps required to complete the remaining parts of the research during the extension period.
    Note: No additional salary will be given for the extended period.
  10. Acknowledgement should be included compulsorily in all publications emanating from the research projects.
  11. A minimum of one student and one junior faculty member should be included in the research project applications.
  12. Research proposals should ideally be aligned with the AlMaarefa University research priority in consideration, with Saudi Vision 2030 taking precedence.
  13. It is encouraged that faculty members with a good reputation for research publications should preferably be considered as Principal Investigators.


The applicant should fill up the research proposal details in the university's online research portal.

Upload the following:

  1. CV of the principal investigator.
  2. The IBAN of the Principal investigator.