Strengthening the bond between the university and its graduates enhances the alumni’s affiliation and loyalty to the university, as well as it contributes to the advancement of the university and consequently to the achievement of its future goals in line with its strategic plan and the sustainable goals of development. This is accomplished through proper connections and cooperation between the university and various training and employment agencies for the benefit of improving the skills of our graduates in all specializations and increasing their levels of proficiency, and for developing new study plans and academic programs in consensus with the requirements and advancements of the workforce. 


The Alumni Unit follows up on the graduates’ state of affairs to learn about their careers and the nature of their jobs and whether their specializations are in line with the needs of the workforce. It also welcomes their suggestions regarding the programs and connects them with the concerned departments and the Quality Center within the university.  The unit also provides the graduates with information on training opportunities and employment available in the public and private sectors as well as assists them in their search for jobs according to their specializations and the demands of the workforce. In addition, the unit provides potential employers each year with competent alumni experience for the purpose of recruitment.  



Leadership and excellence in building a sustainable interactive relationship between the university and its alumni.


Contribute to the development of graduates’ knowledge and skills and the development of university programs in line with the requirements of the labor market, in support of the university’s mission, goals and vision



  • Strengthen the relationship with alumnis.
  • Build a strong bond with graduates to encourage their sense of affiliation and  loyalty to the university.
  • Provide graduates with guidance in their path of employment, training and career search.
  • Show support to the private sector in implementing its programs and initiatives related to training and employment projects.
  • Make use of the acquired experiences of graduates after entering the workforce.
  • Provide an integrated database of statistics and studies related to graduates and the workforce. 
  • Benefit from the feedback of beneficiaries of university graduates in the public and private sectors, and the level of its outcome.


Graduate Students 20-21






Employ ed Grads


In FT Further Study



  • Establish a university alumni council for each college.
  • Develop and promote contributions of the University Alumni Association.
  • Facilitate means of communication with graduates and employers to maintain a solid ongoing relationship between them.
  • Hold programs, seminars and workshops,  such as Career Day,  to support the employment of graduates and qualify them for the workforce.
  • Invite graduates to participate in university events, celebrations, and various activities & programs.
  • Prepare opinion polls for graduates and employers.
  • Assist graduates in seeking jobs in the private sector according to their specializations.
  • Keep graduates informed of new development in academia and research.
  • Collect suggestions from graduates and employers, analyze them, prepare periodic reports on them, then submit them to the Quality Center to enhance and raise the efficiency of performance.
  • Prepare and keep an updated directory of graduate contact details along with their place of employment.
  • Create a comprehensive database of graduates that is constantly updated with the cooperation of the alumni committees in colleges.


Amaarefa Pride Forum aims to strengthen the communication bond between the university and its graduates in order to enhance affiliation and loyalty to the university, as well as to foster cooperation between the graduates and the current students and provide opportunities to share knowledge, cognitive, and personal skills needed for the workforce.

Forum Objectives include:

  • Displaying the career path of distinguished alumni and honoring them.
  • Acknowledging and presenting the university's achievements and awards to the alumni.
  • Introducing the latest developments in academic and research programs, and training and facilities.
  • Updating alumni data.
  • Contribute to the development of university curricula and study plans.
  • Participate in marketing the university’s outcomes through external relations in the field of employment and training.
  • Provide guidance to students in choosing a suitable college specialization according to their abilities and personal preferences.
  • Assist students in charting their appropriate career path.
  • Introduce students to the latest developments in the workforce.
  • Enlighten students on how to enhance and polish their abilities and skills to face the changes in the workforce.
  • Provide the opportunity for proper vocational training & qualification and a better chance at employment.
  • Provide graduation cards (which is a card presented to the graduate after graduating, that enables him/her to benefit from special features such as discounts, Al-Maarefa privileges, free admission to campus, access to the gym & sports facilities, the library, and such..)
  • Grant access to the digital library and research center.
  • Allow participation in research, innovation, entrepreneurship and pioneer projects.
  • Keep them informed about developments within the university and invite them to participate in events, seminars, training courses and workshops.
  • Assign them to represent the university in off-campus events.  

Graduates' news


                       AlMaarefa University has inaugurated the “Quality of Life” chair in Ad Diriyah.  It aims to exploit scientific research and the accompanying innova


The College of Pharmacy, in cooperation with King Saud University, organized a preparatory course for the Saudi Pharmacist Licensure Examination (SPLE). It aims to qualify interns


Dr. Mazen Al-Qahtani, Dean of the College of Applied Sciences at Al-Maarifa University, held a meeting with Eng.


The College of Applied Sciences, represented by the Clinical and Technical Training Committee at Al Maarefa University, held an induction day for the internship students on Wednesday 29/01/2020 und