Health impact


3UM has made an imimpressivenadvancementsany health fronts to meet the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3) and to meet the health targets as per Saudi Vision 2030. UM believes that progress must be accelerated, in particular at local, national, and international levels to reduce the highest burden of diseases of the disadvantaged and vulnerable population across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Collaboration with Health Institutions

One of the greatest challenges UM faces in health and Well-being is the existing gaps between the unprivileged and the privileged ones. There is a need for educational institutions to advance to capacity building and empower the unprivileged to provide them with opportunities as well as training for our graduates to improve the lives of thousands of individuals locally, nationally, and internationally. To meet this goal (SDG3) UM is committed to seriously engaging in the improvement of the earth and wellbeing of its graduates, faculty, and the community at large as well as to collaborating with governmental and non-governmental organizations in this undertaking.


The Goal of Collaboration is three folds:
  • To reduce the gap of health inequality between the privileged and the unprivileged.
  • To strengthen public health measures based on the goal of Health For All (HFA) by the year 2000, which states that “All the people in the world should have access to the health care which is simple and affordable”.
  • To collaborate with local, national and ,international health institutions to promote health and wellbeing of the population.



  • UM created “Local, National & Global Collaborations & Agreements” with “Local, National & Global Health Care Centers”, “Universities”, “Research Centers”, as well as “Charitable Foundations” for the sake of providing, exchanging, and sharing research experience in the medical and social science disciplines.
  • UM organizes awareness lectures and trainings that are related to Good Health & Well Being to expand the horizon of serving students and beneficiaries and provide them with distinguished services.
  • (universities, foundations, industry, etc.). This supports and expands local efforts to provide adult education and appropriate health information services in the community
  • UM engages in international conferences and research, with well-known international universities and medical research centers that are related to “Good Health & Wellbeing”.
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Services is taught in all UM schools of health sciences, where the objective of these courses is the awareness of sexual reproductive health care, to educate mothers about their reproductive system

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  • and family planning programs available in the community and to enhance the use of maternal and child health services.
  • UM shares its advanced Sports facilities for the benefit of the local community’s good health & well-being, where these facilities are regularly available for the wider public and many shows and performances by student groups are often free of charge and available for all

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