General Criteria

  • Successfully pass any test or personal interview determined by the university council.
  • Be medically fit according to the university's approved medical examination, in accordance with admission requirements for each specialization.
  • Fulfill any other conditions specified by the university council, announced during the application period.
  • Payment of admission fees, which are non-refundable.
  • Payment of tuition fees for the semester based on the applicable fees for each specialization, which are non-refundable in case of withdrawal from the university.
  • University admission is subject to competition among applicants based on admission criteria and seat availability.
  • Equivalence of courses studied and successfully completed by the student, as determined by the executive regulations of the university's study and examination regulations for the university stage, as announced on the university's website.

Admission Requirements for Master's Program in Nursing


Admission Requirements for Master's Program in Pharmacy

Admission Requirements for Master's Program in Cybersecurity


  • Original graduation certificate
  • Original completion of excellence
  • Authenticated original academic record
  • Description of accredited courses from the transferring university or college
  • Original English language proficiency test (if the applicant submits one of the university-approved exams)
  • Copy of ID/residence proof (valid) with the original for verification
  • 4x6 recent personal photos (4)
  • For non-Saudi students with Saudi mothers, bring a copy of the mother's ID and the applicant's birth certificate
  • Copy of ID/residence proof (valid) for the student's guardian
  • Copy of the family registry for the applicant's guardian
  • Copy of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties classification card (valid) with the original for verification
  • Copy of two (2) recommendations
  • Copy of the applicant's resume