Goal: :

Provide the necessary support and services to students and staff to facilitate and enhance scientific outcomes at the university.


  1. Provide support and training for researchers to conduct and implement research and studies using modern scientific methods and processes.
  2. Suggest the necessary mechanisms and procedures to encourage distinguished scientific dissemination among the university faculty members.
  3. Provide support to university employees to encourage outstanding scientific publications in specialized scientific journals with a distinguished international reputation and those classified among the lists of accredited international journals.
  4. Assist faculty members in writing scientific books and translating them into Arabic.
  5. Provide all necessary support to university researchers in proofreading their scholarly outputs (manuscripts) to refine them before submission to journals.
  6. Use reputable plagiarism checkers to examine the similarity index of manuscripts and guide researchers to overcome difficulties in this aspect.
  7. Organize workshops and training sessions to help students and staff become familiar with statistical applications in scientific data management.
  8. Design mechanisms to improve the understanding of statistical applications in interpreting research outcomes.
  9. Maintain consistency and update the scientific publications of university staff, and build a database for the scientific publications of university faculty members.
  10. Organize research orientation programs for students and faculty members.
  11. Develop a research course for students and faculty members.
  12. Organize and execute mechanisms to prepare research incubators for both students and junior faculty members.