Regulating, supervising, and keeping track of the ethical aspects of the research projects carried out within the University.


  1. Verify that the research conforms to applicable laws in the Kingdom.
  2. Verify the validity of the informed consent procedures.
  3. Issue approval to conduct research from an ethical aspect.
  4. Monitor research implementation periodically.
  5. Monitor the health condition of the human subject during the experiment.
  6. Coordinate with the monitoring office as regards its relevant activities.
  7. Protect the human subject of the research, as well as protect and ensure the human subject’s rights and safety.
  8. Verify compliance with all requested and documented procedures in the research project regarding treating human subject participants and biological materials.
  9. Provide necessary equipment and ensure that such equipment is adequate for the safety of the human subject participants.
  10. Ensure that minors, legally incompetent or disabled persons, or any other persons from vulnerable groups are never abused under any circumstance.
  11. The IRB shall review the research project requests submitted by researchers associated with the University. It also has the right to review the research project requests submitted by researchers of other universities/establishments that are located within the vicinity of the University upon agreement with the researcher if there is no IRB in that establishment where these researchers are affiliated, provided the absence of an IRB of that establishment is not the result of administrative negligence to establish such a committee.


Fill out the online application with all details of your proposal at the university’s research portal.

Upload the following:

  1. CV of the principal investigator.
  2. NIH or Bioethics or any researcher license certificate of the principal investigator.