1. The faculty member must have spent at least an academic year (two semesters) at the university and obtained a grade of at least very good in the job performance report during the previous year.
  2. The faculty member should effectively participate in the activities of the department or college and its various committees.
  3. The organizing body of the conference or symposium should have a distinguished scientific reputation, as determined by the Scientific Research Committee.
  4. The conference or symposium should be of a specialized nature and distinguished reputation and be classified by well-known research classification agencies, which the Scientific Research Committee determines.
  5. The faculty member should have a scientific paper or research accepted for publication in the scientific conference or symposium.
  6. A faculty member may attend only one conference or symposium during one academic year, and the Scientific Research Committee may recommend approval to attend another conference or symposium based on the recommendation of the college council to which the faculty member belongs.
  7. The researcher's work (affiliation) in the published paper should be AlMaarefa University.
  8. If more than one researcher working at the university participates in the same research, the principal investigator or whoever is agreed upon among them will be nominated.
  9. Upon his/her return, the faculty member presents proof of attendance at the conference or symposium and a scientific paper presentation at the conference or symposium.


The applicant should fill up the details in the online application form at the research portal.

Upload the following documents:

  1. Letter of approval from the head of the department for participation in the conference.
  2. Copy of the research article/abstract accepted for presentation.
  3. Evidence of acceptance of the article/abstract.
  4. Evidence of registration fees or invoices.
  5. Evidence of scientific indexing of the conference.
  6. IBAN of the applicant.