Admission requirements for New High School Graduate, Transferring Students and Diploma Holders:

General Requirements
  • Obtaining a secondary school certificate (Natural Science) or its equivalent from a school inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad.

  • Exhibiting good conduct and behavior.

  •  Should not be dismissed from another college or university due to disciplinary reasons.

  • Passing any exam or interview required by the university for admission.

  •  Passing the medical test required by the university from an approved hospital.

  • Satisfy any other requirements by the university that may be announced during admission period.
  • Pay non-refundable admission fee ( FEES PAGE ).

  • Pay tuition fee ( FEES PAGE ) which is non-refundable when withdrawing from the university.

  • Admission to AlMaarefa university is very competitive.  It is based on the admission criteria and the availability of seats.

  • Students request course equivalency for what he/she has studied and passed are assessed as per the university’s by-laws.

Specific requirements:
Admission requirements for new high school graduates:
Criteria Medicine  Pharmacy / Applied Sciences Requirements













Obtaining the required English language skills needed for each major. Medicine and Surgery College requires a score of at least:

  • 40 in the Oxford test its equivalent from other standard examinations
  • (TOEFL iBT 40
  • STEP 62


Transfer Requirements:
College Required GPA Conditions



Applied Sciences

3.5/4 or equivalent

4/2.7 or equivalent

4/2 or equivalent

  • The student must have studied at a recognized college or university.
  • Attain a minimum of English language proficiency in the field of Medicine and Surgery, with a score of at least 40 in the Oxford test or its equivalent in other standardized tests, such as TOEFL iBT 40, IELTS Academic 3.5, or English Language Test (STEP) 62.
Transfer Requirements for Health Diplomas:
College Conditions

Applied Sciences
  • Must have obtained a two-year university intermediate diploma or a post-secondary diploma from a recognized college or institute.
  • Must have a valid classification from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (specific to health diploma holders).
Required documents

Required documents

  • Original high school certificate.
  • A copy of the GAT & SAAT test score, or SAT.
  • Original English language test, if available.
  • A copy of proof of identity / residence (valid) with the original for matching.
  • (4) recent personal photos 4×6.
  • For non-Saudi students with Saudi mothers, a copy of the mother's proof of identity and the birth certificate of the applicant must be brought.
  • A copy of proof of identity / residence (valid) for the student's guardian.
  • A copy of the family record of the student's guardian.
Transfer applicant add:
  • Original certified academic record.
  • Course descriptions approved by the university or college from which he/she is transferred.
Diploma applicant add:
  • Original diploma certificate.
  • Original certified academic record.
  • Course description approved by the college/institute where he studied.
  • A copy of the classification card of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (valid) with the original for matching (for holders of health diplomas).