To prepare competent students in nursing knowledge, clinical skills, health education, leadership skills, and scientific research; to provide high-quality nursing care for the community within a cultivated learning environment.


  • Equip nursing graduates with the knowledge, clinical competencies, and attitude to deliver high-quality nursing care.
  • Prepare nursing graduates with communication, critical thinking, management, and leadership skills to promote their success in a professional career
  • Provide nursing graduates with appropriate technologies to evaluate information in an effective religious and ethical manner.
  • Ensure nursing graduates have the necessary skills to conduct scientific nursing research to utilize its results and findings in nursing professional practice.
  • Foster nursing students’ participation in community services with ethical standards.
  • Provide the nursing graduates with a learning environment to demonstrate self-professional development and life-long learning.

Degrees Requirements

  • The successful completion of a minimum of four years of study (135 credit hours) for Nursing. This is by successfully completing a number of accredited units from the General Curriculum at Al-Maarefa University, a number of accredited units from the compulsory courses taught at the college of Applied Sciences as well a number of accredited units from the chosen discipline.
  • Successfully complete clinical training during the residency year (no less than 48 weeks of training 2 credit hours). During this year, the student will practice the knowledge and skills he has gained through clinical practice in a hospital.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

A graduate from the BSc Nursing program at the College of Applied Sciences will have the following career opportunities:

  • Work as a nurse specializing in health care in hospitals, first aid, public and private centers.
  • Work in higher education institutes as a specialist in Clinical Practices.
  • Further his/her higher education studies in the academic or medical field.